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We provide extensive outbound telemarketing services for the purpose of lead generation and data gathering. This is one of the most cost effective ways used by the best telemarketing companies to bring in new clients for your product or service.

Royal Business Connections has telemarketing experts with real world experience in generating and recording leads for various companies – and for your business! With new leads, you can effectively tailor services and products to your customers’ needs for greater sales conversions.

You can trust that our telemarketers will be committed to you and your business. They will provide accurate data recording and know the techniques to maximise results while still being courteous and professional. We make it easy for your sales team to access this information, so they can concentrate purely on closing sales from new leads.

We know how important your brand and reputation is to your business, which is why our telemarketers will treat it with the utmost respect. Working with your sales team, we share the goals and vision of your business, making sure your company name is represented in the highest regard.

There are right ways and wrong ways to go about outbound telemarketing, especially when the aim is to generate new leads for sales and capture client information. You can be certain with Royal Business Connections that our outbound telemarketing focuses on established practices that not only work, but have a high rate of return compared to many other telemarketing companies.

You can have full reassurance that we will cover your Unique Selling Points, as we work closely with you in collaborating the scripting our telemarketers will use. We specialise in developing script and can assist you to ensure scripting for your business is well thought out, convincing and most importantly effective.

We back our sales leads up with call recordings, so you and your team know that every opportunity we produce is properly qualified and has the strongest possible chance of converting into a closed sale.

Every sales lead has true potential to convert into business. All sales leads are quality checked using rigorous automated and manual processes including a full call recording review, before they are released to you.

We'll also send you the call recordings with every sales lead that we generate, giving complete transparency. Just as importantly, we also use closed loop feedback to drive continuous improvement, ensuring that structured feedback from you is used to coach our team, producing ever better results.

It’s essential for business growth to keep bringing in new leads that can be used for your sales team. Don’t spend the time and resources in doing it yourself when you can rely on Royal Business Connections to provide outbound telemarketing solutions that really work and will give you results. It’s that straightforward!

In order to increase sales and amplify business growth, it is crucial to regularly generate a dependable supply of quality leads for your sales team. B2B and B2C sales appointment setting and scheduling services from Royal Business Connections simplifies the task of lead generation and boosts the amount of time your sales staff spends directly pitching to clients. We use a multi-channel approach through our contact center, which includes the use of voice calls, emails and live chat.

Using lists of profiled and targeted information, our call centre executives approach prospects and set up appointments with them. In addition, we prepare reports containing information that will ensure that the sales agent is prepared to address the unique needs of the prospect.

When you outsource B2B and B2C appointment scheduling to us, we will ensure that we schedule appointments only with the most appropriate decision makers, who have displayed genuine interest in your business. While contacting leads as representatives of your organization, we conduct ourselves in such a way as to align with the values of your brand and provide the utmost level of customer service.

When you outsource B2B and B2C appointment setting services to us, you experience a tremendous improvement in business productivity. Some ways by which you achieve that:

Optimize Lead Generation: By eliminating the need for your business to make cold calls, we streamline the lead generation process and the efficiency of your sales team.

24/7 Operations: We operate 24/7, which is especially beneficial for organizations that operate across multiple time zones.

Save Resources and Costs: Our B2B and B2C outsourced appointment setting services removes the need for you to outlay resources towards infrastructure, personnel and training, thus providing exceptional cost savings for your organization.

Assured Results: Our sales appointment setting team undergoes rigorous training to ensure that they can deliver the best results for our clients.

What's more, we fully appreciate that badly researched, unqualified appointments are an expensive waste of time. We use BANT criteria (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timescale) to ensure that every appointment leads to a potential sale.

Every opportunity is quality checked using rigorous controls before release to you. What’s more, we send our clients call recordings with all sales appointments we generate, giving complete transparency. We also “close the loop”, ensuring that structured feedback on each appointment from your team is used to coach and improve ours, producing ever better results.